It is not the first time I am in the position of hiring resources to add to my team. It’s always exciting reading through resumés from so many different candidates all over the world. However, through these years, some of the pain-points of going through these resumés still remain the same.

So here I am… after viewing through more than 100 resumés… seeing double when I type this… and a glass of wine in my hand to recover, I put together a list of considerations for future candidates to lookout for aimed at making life just a little easier on…

Case study on designing a new Price Range Selector by getting to know users and understanding how they think.

Hi, I am a Senior UX designer of a global beauty-retail company. We take care of the e-commerce needs of 9 countries across South East Asia, designing across all platforms like mobile apps and websites.

Something all UX designers do in their daily work is getting to know the users of their product or services. This includes: understanding how they think, what they will do and what their expectations are. …

How going back to the basics of sketching can one day save you.

Hi, I am a Senior UX designer of a global beauty-retail company. We take care of the e-commerce needs of 9 countries across South East Asia, designing across all platforms like mobile apps and websites.

Needless to say, life in a big organisation can be at times chaotic. As a UX designer, I find myself struggling between numerous business demands and crazy tight timelines.

While these situations are unavoidable, there are some processes that UX should not compromise on while facing pressures to deliver a project. Here is a case study of how Rapid Prototyping can help save the day.

Project Background

As a frequent user of banking mobile apps, I am always looking for a faster way to login and do my transactions be it transferring money or checking my lastest statement.

The first interface that you will encounter is the login screen. With the many bank apps out there, you will discover that many of the functions that appear in the login screen is still strongly based on business goals rather than user needs.

In the interest of the bank to highlight new features and get user to apply for more services for the bank, the first login screen is…


ActiveSG is a movement that aims to encourage Singapore’s citizens to experience and share the joy of living better through sport. Initiated by the Sport Singapore statutory board, it encompasses ActiveSG membership and TeamSG outreach programmes.

The Brief

By giving Singaporeans easier access to Sport Singapore’s extensive network of facilities and keeping them updated on sporting events and the accomplishments of TeamSG, ActiveSG aims to integrate healthy activities into the nation’s lifestyle. We are always looking to make this integration more seamless and effortless for our users.

Key aims include:

  • Make the facility booking process easier for users
  • Make our content on…

We are coming into the 5th week of the course and we have finished learning all the skills that is needed to become a good UXer… so from this point onwards, its about applying our new knowledge and taking the classroom environment to fully showcase what we have learnt.

Project 3 is also our first group project. We were randomly put into a team of 3 and our first task was brain-storming for an app we would like to revamp.

Defining the problem:

My team consist of Jay & Arisa, both of whom come with working experience. We started chatting and listing down…

This project focuses on one of the most important element in a website. The navigation bar. The navigation bar is the main tool we use across mobile apps and websites. This is a really difficult project as we study deeper into how users group organise content together. All through the project I met with obstacles and challenges that got me to dig even further into user-centric behaviour.

We were provided specific users of the site to being the project off.

User Profile for Singapore Polytechnic Website

First task: Understanding the content on the existing website

We started going through every portion of the website to understand and know where each piece of content is placed…

We started UXDI classes last week on Monday with GA Singapore, and boy! has it been exciting. As a designer for the last 15 years, not only do I have to quickly picked up new skills, I had to also constantly remind myself to unlearn some of the habits that I have formed.

There you see my partner Cat, and myself.

For our first project, we have to work on a topic picked by our class partners and I got the topic Fitness. From there onwards, we needed to define a problem that could be solved by a mobile app simply and effectively.

I was really happy to…

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… well, whoever who said that either never owned a dog or never tried using doggy treats to do the job. My name is Haikal and having worked in the advertising industry for the last 15 years would definitely qualify me to be called an old dog.

Still, this old dog is very excited to be enrolled in GA’s UX Immersive course 2017 starting end August for 10 full weeks.

Have you ever wondered when user experience started being referred to as UX? …

Haikal Lim

A matrix driven UX Designer that balances between business & user needs.

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