A simpler login screen for Citibank mobile app

As a frequent user of banking mobile apps, I am always looking for a faster way to login and do my transactions be it transferring money or checking my lastest statement.

The first interface that you will encounter is the login screen. With the many bank apps out there, you will discover that many of the functions that appear in the login screen is still strongly based on business goals rather than user needs.

In the interest of the bank to highlight new features and get user to apply for more services for the bank, the first login screen is always cluttered and distracting making the act of logging in a challenge.

Here is an attempt to clean up the login screen and making selecting the way you want to login simple and fuss free. Enjoy.

Please note: This is a proposed solution using Citibank Mobile app as an example.There is no relations to the bank in any way.

A matrix driven UX Designer that balances between business & user needs.

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