ActiveSG: Engaging People through Fitness


ActiveSG is a movement that aims to encourage Singapore’s citizens to experience and share the joy of living better through sport. Initiated by the Sport Singapore statutory board, it encompasses ActiveSG membership and TeamSG outreach programmes.

The Brief

By giving Singaporeans easier access to Sport Singapore’s extensive network of facilities and keeping them updated on sporting events and the accomplishments of TeamSG, ActiveSG aims to integrate healthy activities into the nation’s lifestyle. We are always looking to make this integration more seamless and effortless for our users.

Key aims include:

  • Make the facility booking process easier for users
  • Make our content on active lifestyle easier for users to find and consume
  • Increase user engagement with ActiveSG activities and the website

My role

This is a team project and there are 3 memebers in my team. I took on the role of: User Researcher, Interactive & Visual designer, Prototyper & usibility expert.

UX Design Process:

  • User research: User interviews and testing on current app
  • Design studio (internal & onground)
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Service Design

Interesting things we did for this project:

  1. Challenging the brief

After going through the client brief, we understood that the overall take out was to increase engagement with Singaporeans. However, we also realised that for this to happen, its not merely the success of one particular element of the organisation like the website or even the mobile app. The successful metrics was the synergy between all the elements within the ActiveSG ecosystem.

2. We couldnt find many users of the services partly because who we could reah out to is outside the demographics of the users so the next best thing we decided to do was to go down to the actual grounds to do research.

3. Since we decided that, we wanted to take the opportunity to build a prototype first and then test directly on ground. That way, we would ideate very quickly, test on ground and re-iterate right on the spot. One of the advantage of doing this is cutting short the development and research timing.

We delivered 3 personas and 3 seperate customer journey maps. Here we will focus on how we re-designed the app for Shawn, our first persona.

How have we changed the flow for Shawn?

For the home page, we have added a ticker tape at the top of the page to reminder users to activate their ActiveSG account to enjoy the free $100 credit given by the government.

We also changed the content of the site to match what users would be interested in (content strategy).

Before, the booking and facility page could only toggle b ettern activites and location. Now, with the new revamped screen, users can toggle between time/date and desired location.

Before, the screen didnt show much information about the location. Now, the revamped screen shows distance of location, disability friendly and users could also toggle betweeen different dates.

Before, the screen shows all courts regardless of whethers it available or not. The revamped screen only shows the available court slots.

The new Open Jio function is an added feature for the revamp. This function allows users to book a facility egg, badminton court, and open it up for other users to join. This way, if the users do not have enough players or his players cancel last minute, or even he wants to meet players with the same interest, ActiveSG could facilitate that, thus increasing engagment.

As this whole project was to pitch for the account. We ended the presentation with summarising our approach, presenting timeline and costings, and our next steps.


I was lucky to be in a team of 2 other very experienced team mates. So we were able to work really fast… not follow everything by the book and ideate in our own unique way. This really close to my eperience as an entrepreur. This way of working allows for greater flexibility and also creativity to happen.

I hope you enjoy the project. Feel free to give me a message if you have any questions. Thank!

A matrix driven UX Designer that balances between business & user needs.

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